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Dekoraçim Çit Duvar

I ask for rich-guy stuff, and you give me shiny pebbles? Well, you asked the right guy. Though, personally, I hate whales. Then why’d you become I don’t know you well enough to get into that. $300, please. Noon tomorrow. If you’re late, you tread water in the scallop tank. Guppy, trout, mermaid or-? Amy, I also spent some of my tax rebate on a gift for you. It shows the time wherever we both are, and it’s powered by love. Also, you have to wind it. Oh! Somebody won big at Skee-Ball! I love it, Kif.

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I’m afraid we need Stupid air-needing lungs.
To locate the guard and seduce him in.
Four seconds?! Who goes there?
Three, two, one. Silence.
The emperor’s cousin and chief of his royal guard.

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